Hey You,

Hey You,

God you were a mistake, I have never regretted anything in my life more then kissing you. The thought of it just makes me cringe. Your not a bad person, maybe if I didn’t tell my friends I’d think less of what we did. All the fucking “banter” they like to fish is tiresome; but welcome, I’d rather laugh about it then anything else.

 You were nice and all, you weren’t a horrible person but I feel like that was the point I gave up on my optimism. You were a first and you were suppose to be special, romantic even, but you weren’t, which was a little disappointing .  

But alas it was not meant to be as I am incredibly unattracted to you, that along with being your rebound, really just makes me want to brush under the rug and forget it happened.

But of course cause my friends are dickheads and they like to remind me every chance they get. I can’t wait for the moment I can’t remember your name.

Hope you never find this, T.


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